•  To promote the Association and its members to the public
  •  To make it simple for the public to find their nearest APHCI member
  •  To educate and inform the public as to what is best practice
  •  To encourage and promote standards of excellence
  •  To foster good relations between all stakeholders in the industry
  •  To create a level playing field for installers
  •  To encourage, inform, develop, educate and train installers [More...]

(1) Never block a ventilator;
(2) Install at least one carbon monoxide alarm in your home.

Energy-Saving Performance
(1) For reliability and efficiency have your boiler serviced once a year;
(2) Make sure your cylinder is properly insulated;
(3) Set your timer to come on half an hour before you require heat and to go off half an hour before you go out;
(4) Remember to adjust the thermostat upwards in the colder winter months and downwards in the spring
(5)Always use an APHCI-registered [More...]

The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors of Ireland (APHCI) was established in December 2010 as the trade representative body for all bona fide plumbing and heating contrtactors in Ireland. It is a formally registered company with full memorandum and articles of association and an executive board of directors — all of whom are heating and plumbing installers — elected by the membership.

The primary objective is to represent members’ interests, without fear or favour, in order to create a level playing field [More...]


“With a family of five coming and going at different times, the flexible heating system installed by our local APHCI contractor gives us hot water and heating when we need it, where we need it, at all times”.

Mrs Bernie Slevin, Blackrock, Co Dublin


“My elderly mother lives on her own and likes to be independent. Our local APHCI installer put in a high-performing, easy-to-understand heating system which gives her total comfort and control, reduces her fuel bills.!”.

Mary McNiece, Tralee, Co Kerry


“With money tight, the cost of warmth can be prohibitive. However, with our new APHCI-installed heating system, we have more hot water and heating than ever, but at a fraction of the cost.”.

Tom McInerney, Ballincollig, Co Cork