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APHCI and HAPAI to forge a united voice for the sector

After months of discussion, APHCI and HAPAI two of Ireland’s main representative bodies for plumbing, heating and allied trades industries have agreed, to pool their resources and move forward as a vibrant and more robust single body.

Heads of agreement have been formulated and a working group has been formed to finalize the details for presentation to the membership and industry. Given the spirit of co operation and good will in addition to shared visions, goals, sense of purpose and aspirations that have evolved between both associations over the past number of years, it is expected that the proposed merger will be warmly welcomed by the members of both the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors of Ireland (APHCI) and the Heating and Plumbing Association of Ireland (HAPAI).

The new organization will represent the majority of contractors and craft trades people engaged in the domestic and commercial mechanical building services sectors in Ireland.

Pat Jordan from APHCI comments, “This industry, like many other aspects of the construction industry, has evolved beyond recognition over the past number of years, with a continuous conveyor belt of new standards as well as an increasing and ever-tightening regulation, all of which are placing an increasing responsibility and administrative work load on the sector. This coupled with the Green Agenda, which this trade more than any other, has a major part to play and subsequently means that all operatives will require more knowledge and upskilling in the years ahead.”

“Representation will also continue to be sought at Government level to ensure that the voice of the industry is heard loud and clear on all matters that affect them. While a system to streamline commissioning and certification issues is also on the radar,” says John Reynolds (APHCI).

“Having been working on various representative groups alongside APHCI over recent years, it was not long before we both recognized that we were the wings of the same bird and that we could represent the industry members stronger and better by working in harmony with each other. It seems the natural thing to do,” says Richie Burke from (HAPAI).

Intergas Rapid Gas Boilers Joule Technical Evening Extravaganza Tuesday 4th April 2017

Association Of Plumbing & Heating Contractors Ireland (APHCI)

 Technical Evening Extravaganza

 Intergas Rapid Gas Boilers
Heat pumps

Hot Water Cylinders

 Aluminium Radiators

Underfloor Heating

 Solar Thermal  & Solar PV

Sponsored by joule

 Dublin Tuesday 4th April

in the Louis-Fitzgerald Hotel Newlands Cross

Hot Food at 6:30pm & Free Bar - Meeting 7:30pm sharp

Suppliers Sponsorship

Joulewill be providing information and training on their products

Food Served (after work)

Hot Food will be served free of charge from 6.30pm.

APHCI meetings will begin at 7.30pm Sharp.

Free Bar

A free bar will be open from 6.30pm

Free Training

Joule will have engineers on site to provide training, technical advice & product information

Extract of APHCI at Joint Committee Transport and Communications

Extracts from the Joint Committee on Transport & Communications on 18th February 2015

Glow-worn APHCI Evening Dublin & Cork

Association Of Plumbing & Heating Contractors Ireland (APHCI)

Information &  Training Evening

New Members Welcome see below

Sponsored by 



Dublin Next Tuesday 28th October

in the Louis-Fitzgerald Hotel Newlands Cross


Guest Speaker Eamonn Smyth

Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government

Will speak on Part J of the new building regulation 2014 which came into effect on the 1st September 2014


Cork Thursday 30th October

in the Fitzgerald's Vienna Woods Hotel, Glanmire, Co. Cork


Hot Food at 6:45pm & Free Bar - Meeting 7:30pm sharp   

Suppliers Sponsorship

Glow-wormwill be providing information and training on their products

Everyone who attends will receive a FREE APHCI Glow-worm fleece

Glow-worm are supporting the APHCI for 2014 and we need to support them too, by attending their sponsored evenings.


Food Served (after work)

Hot Food will be served free of charge from 6.45pm.

APHCI meetings will begin at 7.30pm Sharp.


Free Bar

A free bar will be open

Free Training

Glow worm will have engineers on site to provide training, technical advice & product information



Our Mission

"To represent members without fear or favour, in order to create a level playing field and an environment which is open, fair and transparent"

We have been working with Insight Consultants to achieve our goals. We are in ongoing correspondence with members of the Joint Oireachtas Committee the RGII, CER and the SEAI



This is a Members Only Evening.

However we are open for new members to join and attend on the evening


New Members Welcome

As a qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineer you are now invited to join the APHCI.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for heating and plumbing contractors throughout the country to have a say in how the business is regulated, and to lobby and exert influence over issues which impact unfavorably on our livelihoods.

In addition to the above Benefits of Free Training and Special Offers you have the advantage of collective representation to Government and Regulatory Bodies such as the CER, RGII, and the SEAI.

We are increasingly obtaining competitive rates on Public Liability, Employers Liability, Motor vehicle insurance, Health insurance, and professional services from Solicitors and Accountants.

We are providing you with a broader skills base by means of Supplier Training Evenings.

The annual subscription is €100 per member. Join online  where you can pay by a variety of methods PayPal, Credit Card and even monthly.

We are therefore extending this invitation to you to join us and become a Member.

On the night we will also bring you up to date on the various discussions with the authorities which will prove very interesting, so please play your part in pushing our boundaries.


If you need any help or want to chat about joining please call me

Crozier Deane (administrator) on 085 803 5082 or email

The Committee

Leinster: Sean Giffney, James Egan, Tony Purcell, Brendan Pluck.

Munster: John Reynolds, Gary Tobin.

Connaught: Patrick Jordan.

Hundreds Support Protest outside CER Offices


The APHCI would like to thank everyone who participated last Thursday it was significant that there was such a large turnout including members who traveled from Cork, Limerick and Mayo.
We are presently planning our next protest which is due to take place in three weeks time Wednesday the 18th June outside Leinster House.
Full details to follow 


Plumb Centres Gas Parts Policy

On the 1st of June 2013 Plumb Centres introduced a Gas spare parts policy. An industry first, this policy indicates Plumb Centres commitment in the support of the safe installation of Gas spare parts. The policy has received great support from Registered Gas Installers, APHCI members and home owners nationwide. The management team at Plumb Centres would like to thank APHCI for their support in promoting this initiative throughout  2013. Plumb Centres Gas parts policy is now included as part of our overall internal staff training, we remain committed in 2014 to the enforcement of this policy in all our branches nationwide.

Find your local Plumber or Heating Contractor


"With money tight, the cost of warmth can be prohibitive. However, with our new APHCI-installed heating system, we have more hot water and heating than ever, but at a fraction of the cost"
"My elderly mother lives on her own and likes to be independent. Our local APHCI installer put in a high-performing, easy-to-understand heating system which gives her total comfort and control, reduces her fuel bills.!"
The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors of Ireland (APHCI) was established in December 2010 as the trade representative body for all bona fide plumbing and heating contrtactors in Ireland. It is a formally registered company with full memorandum and articles of association and an executive board of directors — all of whom are heating and plumbing installers — elected by the membership.The primary objective is to represent members’ interests, without fear or favour, in order to create a level playing field and an trading environment that is open, fair and transparent.

APHCI champions the interests of all legitimate contractors in the sector by fostering productive relationships with Government authorities, legislative bodies, and other representative associations in the building services sector.

Through proactive engagement with all the membership throughout the country, APCHI seeks to identify the key issues of importance, and concern, for members and to devise strategies to address them.

Over a very short period of time APHCI has become the recognised representative body for the industry, with a network of regional branches — in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, the Midlands and West of Ireland — serving the local interests of contractors which, in turn, are then fed into the broader picture on a national level.

Membership benefits include collective representation to Government and regulatory bodies such as the CER, RGII, BGE and the SEAI, in addition to preferential rates on PL, EL and vehicle insurance, health insurance, and professional services from solicitors and accountants.


  • Never block a ventilator
  • Install at least one carbon monoxide alarm in your home

Energy-Saving Performance

  • For reliability and efficiency have your boiler serviced once a year
  • Make sure your cylinder is properly insulated
  • Set your timer to come on half an hour before you require heat and to go off half an hour before you go out
  • Remember to adjust the thermostat upwards in the colder winter months and downwards in the spring
  • Always use an APHCI-registered engineer
  • To promote the Association and its members to the public
  • To make it simple for the public to find their nearest APHCI member
  • To educate and inform the public as to what is best practice
  • To encourage and promote standards of excellence
  • To foster good relations between all stakeholders in the industry
  • To create a level playing field for installers
  • To encourage, inform, develop, educate and train installers
  • To promote standards of excellence within the industry
  • To provide members with a strong voice when dealing with RGII, SEAI, CER,
  • To influence Government policy where relevant
  • To gain an APHCI seat on the RGII Board for independent installers
  • To gain an APHCI seat on the NSAI Standards Committee

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