Save with APHCI

Save with APHCI

Replace your old, inefficient boiler with a new, high-performing model How old is your heating pump? — a new modern pump can halve the energy consumption of older models The simple matter of installing thermostatic heating controls on all your radiators can...
Save with APHCI

Replace Inefficient Boilers

Modern Hi-Efficiency condensing boilers can be up 96% energy efficient and can save up to 30% on your flue bills.   When installed in conjunction with modern heating controls further saving can be made

Mary McNiece

“My elderly mother lives on her own and likes to be independent. Our local APHCI installer put in a high-performing, easy-to-understand heating system which gives her total comfort and control, reduces her fuel bills.!”. Mary McNiece, Tralee, Co Kerry

Aims & Objectives

 To promote the Association and its members to the public  To make it simple for the public to find their nearest APHCI member  To educate and inform the public as to what is best practice  To encourage and promote standards of excellence  To foster good relations...

Testimonial 2

“With money tight, the cost of warmth can be prohibitive. However, with our new APHCI-installed heating system, we have more hot water and heating than ever, but at a fraction of the cost.”. Tom McInerney, Ballincollig, Co Cork